Arts and Culture Commission Senior Art Exhibit

Karen Mitchell

About the Artist

Karen Mitchell

I was blessed with a God given talent.  I showed promise at a very young age. My name is Karen Mitchell.


Throughout my formative years I had excellent Art teachers who took me under their wing. I taught myself the use of pen and ink, and developed my own form of "Black and White" art works, using white chalk and white pencils. This art form is my forte. My only upscale instruction was from a class at City College, and a Class from a watercolorist. I wanted to learn how to use paint, and color.


A personal tragedy struck in 2016, which debilitated all desire to paint or draw.  In October 2019 I joined the Doelger Art Class, led by Al Olson. His encouragement has been invaluable. I peaked as an artist before 2016, but feel I am on my way to reaching that pinnacle once again.