Arts and Culture Commission Senior Art Exhibit
Karen Taylor

About the Artist

Karen Taylor


My introduction to artwork was kindergarten.  l remember the teacher talking about what we were going to do and tuning her out as l went walking over to a very strange wooden object with white paper on one side and cups of color under the white paper.  lt was an easel with paint and a blank paper to finger paint.  l went crazy coloring the entire paper and felt such a peace while doing it.  My eyes lit up like the craziest best present ever.  Sadly though, that was the only experience of finger painting.


Through the years, arts and crafts of any kind, stained glass, plaster craft, etc., were my favorite things.  l always found peace in doing any of these activities.  Life happens and l lost development in painting.  l could never draw anything.  Stick people?  Yes.  Long story short it took me years to finally go to Doelger Senior Center.  l was scared to death walking in the first day.  l was greeted by a very happy to see you teacher (Al Olson) and a happy engagement with other classmates.  l really loved it all.  They were my new best friends…pulling talent from me that l never knew l had.  


l loved Doelger Senior Center.  Five months after l started a pandemic hit and back to doing nothing.  l heard in class from someone that "You Tube" had artists teaching techniques.  l did turn to this but quit in September 2020.  My family has been so supportive of me, always have been.  They’ve all given me pushes to go back.  They bought me paints, canvases, brushes, full painting kits too. l will start again!  It’s not the end of my story yet…

l can't thank Doelger Senior Center for opening a flow of artistry actually flowing out of me.  Who knew!