Arts and Culture Commission Senior Art Exhibit

Edwina F. Tengco

About the Artist

Edwina F. Tengco

Since I was much younger, I had always wanted to take art lessons but there simply wasn’t enough hours to spare between home and office.

Decades later I found myself in USA. After 21 years working for the City,  I retired then joined Doelger Senior Center where I attended one of their classes. Many months later, the Center offered a new adult art class with Al Olson as Instructor. With optimism that my modest talent could be developed in that art class, I signed up in Spring 2017 and was one of the pioneers in Al’s art class.

In class, I learned to differentiate various art mediums such as charcoal and pastel pencils, chalk and oil pastels, acrylic and watercolor paints, canvas and watercolor or drawing papers, gum and kneaded  erasers. Most importantly, I learned to draw still life, landscapes, portraits, and applying perspective and art styles like realism, impressionism or abstract. Al always encouraged us to express ourselves in our artwork and, at the same time, find enjoyment doing it.

I fervently hope that life would soon normalize (from the COVID pandemic) at Doelger Senior Center so that the whole art class  could meet once again, have fun doing art and enjoy the camaraderie.